[Server Manager Application] Mr.Fish

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[Server Manager Application] Mr.Fish

Post by Mr.Fish on Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:46 pm



A.1:In Game Name: Trent_King

A.2:Real Age:25


A.4:How active are you: Server? 4/6hours.

A.5:Rate your roleplay skills on a scale of 1-10: 9/10.


B.1:Define 'Roleplay' - Taking a role, and playing it. In IV:MP/SA:MP/MTA world the word "Roleplay" is defined as "Acting as In Real Life". Roleplay is the main reason why Roleplay servers are being created, as roleplay is always fun as long as it's realistic and roleplay rules are not broken, read below.
B.2:Define Metagaming giving 2 examples - Using OOC information IC. This is rulebreaking, which is not tolerated and forbidden. Basicly, you find out In Character information by Out Of Character actions.

Example: John meets Marcus, while John doesn't know Marcus name. He looks above his head to a tag, reads it and says: "Hi, Marcus". This is most common metagaming example. In Real Life there isn't any tags above your head which would describe your name, but in IV:MP
Example 2:Saying IC like this ( Hi Very Happy i lov u )
B.3:Define Powergaming giving 2 examples-  Either forcing another player into a RP situation, which ends in the other player's disadvantage, or doing unrealistic things, which you couldn't make IRL, such as roleplaying taking out a minigun from your back pocket, you can't do that in real life, or can you?

Here is few examples:

First example: You want to kill Person B. Let's name him, Bob.
/[me] shoots Bob from his deagle and kills him - .WRONG.
You have forced him into a RP situation, where he must commit suicide. You must let him to resist.

* Quattro aims at Bob's head and shoots. /do Do the bullet hit him? - RIGHT.
He can resist now, by either jumping, crouching, or whatever he can do with realistic roleplay.[/i]

The second example: doing unrealistic things.
* Quattro takes a can and throws it full power, and it falls to the moon. - .WRONG.
No one could do that In Real Life. You must be realistic!.

B.4:Define Character Kill and the conditions it is allowed - This is the ultimate kill. If you get CKed, or CK yourself, you will lose everything. Your vehicles, houses gets asold, money gets removed. The account is sometimes banned (only the account's name, not the IP.) It is a must to completely roleplay it. In some servers, you get CK if you pass the amount of times you can die. (Normal death)
B.5:Define Deathmatch giving 3 examples - Deathmatch is DM, if you had a gun and bored.. shoot others without no rp reason or poor reason.


C.1:You catch someone MGing, how do you respond? - If i catch someone MGing, i spec him if he/she continue and i'll warn him/she and if still not work kick and still not work ajail for 10 minutes.

C.2:You catch two people deathmatching and they claim it was friendly fire, how do you respond? - I kick them from the server.And if its still wont work, i AdminJail them for 10 minutes(if newbie), 30 minutes(normal person)

C.3:There is an unconditional character kill and the users involve give no evidence, what do you do? - PM them to take an SS and head to forum and post it.


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Re: [Server Manager Application] Mr.Fish

Post by Benny on Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:40 am

Hello, thank you for applying! Please reapply using the newly updated format. Thanks again!

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Re: [Server Manager Application] Mr.Fish

Post by Musically on Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:05 am

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Re: [Server Manager Application] Mr.Fish

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