[Admin Application] Sparky.

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[Admin Application] Sparky.

Post by Mr.Fish on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:56 pm

Basic Information Questions:

- Account Name:Sparky

- Character Names:Sparky_Frost

- Your Real Life Age:28

- Country:Algeria

- Timezone(GMT):GMT+1


Basic Compton Gaming Questions

- When did you begin or join Compton Gaming Roleplay™:Started..

- How did you find out about Compton Gaming Roleplay™:

- Are you active in-game, forums:Ye

- How long have you been playing on our Compton Gaming Roleplay™ server:Started..

- What is your daily gaming schedule on Compton Gaming Roleplay™:4/5.
(Ex: How many hours do you play,check forums etc)


Basic Background Questions:
- Have you ever been warned in-game:No.
(If so, what for?)

- Have you been banned from the server:No.
(If so, what for?)

- Have you been an Administrator on another Roleplay Server before:Ye, for years.
(If so, for how long?)

- Have you previously been an Administrator in Compton Gaming Roleplay™ server?No.


Compton Gaming Roleplay™ Administration Questions:

- Why do you want to become a Compton Gaming Roleplay™ Administrator:

Well, I joined this Medium RP server about days and, i liked it too much and it's the best server that i played on samp.So i decided to try apply on staff team in Compton Gaming Roleplay.I'm playing sa-mp for 3 Years and I have been an admin on other servers and I not banned from any server.My reason why I want to apply on administrator team is that because there are Hackers and insults players on the server and That Take Most Player Leave That Server... I will help the players as hard as I will keep Hackers Out from the server. Every rulebreaker will get punishment and I will do my best to keep community alive, means I will invite every my friend who playing sa-mp.I have good knowledge of English, means my RP skills are good ( I belive 8/10 ).I Want To be Admin To Help People and And guide them to the Right Way to save the server the admins in samp should be funny and helpful,like me.I've been noticing some the admins they excel in helping the server , I'm a good player, I am active, I am a good helper, I am mature, when I'm on the server I help all the same.I will always help any players the server whoo needs help, some are my friends who are new to the server, I helped them and other new people entering the server , Now this in hand of you you're your choice Even though I am new in the community, I am loyal to her and never fought with anyone her and will never fight too, I am very active in the community and the game just does not do a lot of post, and I am a great friend also, I hope to help you in the future as well.

- What would you bring to the server and team, if chosen as a Compton Gaming Roleplay™ Administrator:
I would bring to the server and team some helps and i won't abuse my powers and i'll give them my all activity and love, and i wish to be Compton Gaming Roleplay administrator.

- Why should Compton Gaming Roleplay™ select you to be a Administrator, over anyone else:

You should choose me because...Okay,I'm really active this time and i'm helpfull i can do the best for the server and the owners..i have knowledge of CGRP script i know all cmds,
I know everything,If you watched A-TEAM movie,you would say that Admins team is not a game its the whole of the community,actually when a newbie joins CGRP he will learn RP and everythings
from an Admin or even a moderator,that job is not easy and not that hard.I can everything you want.

- How would you assist us in fixing and to maintain the server as an Administrator:I would assist you in fixing and maintaining the server as an administrator when i get my scripter flags and help you in fixing bugs etc.

- Do you consider yourself a helpful person, and someone who can work under pressure. If so, how?I'm helpful person and who can work under pressure, by everyone love me, no one hates me.


Compton Gaming Roleplay™ Administration Application Terms & Agreement

Please be sure to check each box with a "X" before continuing your application process. This notes that you agree to the terms and agreements created by Compton Gaming Roleplay™. If you do not check the box, your application will be auto-denied and you'll be forced to re-apply.

[X] Do you understand that giving false information will lead to a straight denial, and if inducted as an Admin, a straight removal
[X] Do you understand the Administration Team works under a hierarchy, which has higher ranks and split powers of authority
[X] Do you understand that the Administration Team, is a "Team", and that we work together to fulfill server and Administrative goals
[X] Do you understand that, by applying for a  Administration position, you are fully aware of our Server Rules and Forum Regulations
[X] Do you understand that, if you are given a Administration position, you are prohibited to have a position of Staff on another Community
[X] Do you understand that, if successful in becoming a Administrator, you will need to be active and that being inactive will hinder your stay within the team


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Re: [Admin Application] Sparky.

Post by Punisher on Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:11 pm

Your forum tag is already Server Staff.
Anyways, you got a support from me!


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Re: [Admin Application] Sparky.

Post by Benny on Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:35 pm

I like the application. I will talk with the other owner and inform you of a final decision soon.

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Re: [Admin Application] Sparky.

Post by Musically on Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:53 am

Denied (Permission from Jonathan) 
-Reason: Not the Real Sparky.

Locked And Archived

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Re: [Admin Application] Sparky.

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