LSPD Recruitment Application

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LSPD Recruitment Application

Post by John_Locke on Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:09 am


1. Personal Information

1.1 Title:

1.2 Surname:

1.3 Forename:

1.4 Gender:

1.5 Age:

1.6 Date of Birth

1.7 Nationality

1.8 Phone Number:

1.9 Place of Birth:

1.10 Current Residency

1.10 Email

1.11.1 Do you posess any medical conditions?

2. Language Proficiency

2.1 Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the English language?:

2.2 Are you fluent in any language, other than English?:

3. Licenses and Permits

3.1.1 Do you possess a Vehicle License?:

3.1.2 If yes, do you possess any driver's warnings?:

3.2 Do you possess a Firearms License?:

3.3 Evidence of the said licenses((Screenshot of /license)):

4. Experience and Previous Employment

4.1 Have you ever been employed by the Police Department before?:

4.2 If yes to the above question, please provide the link to your application:

5. Personal Details

5.1 Write your personal biography: ((Must be at least 250 words))

5.2 Write your past achievements:

6. References and Recommendations

Do you have any current recommendations from current employees of the LSPD?:

7. Applicant Oath

I ((Full Name Here)), certify that the answers contained within this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. By agreeing below I hereby authorize investigation of all statements contained within this application for employment as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I hereby understand and acknowledge that, unless otherwise defined by applicable law, any employment relationship with this organization is of an "at will" nature, which means that the Employee may resign at any time and the Employer may discharge Employee from the recruitment process at any time with or without cause. It is further understood that this "at will" employment relationship may not be changed by any written document or by conduct unless such change is specifically acknowledged in writing by an authorized executive of this organization. In the event of employment, I understand that any false or misleading information given in my application or interview(s) may result in denial and bar from re-application. I understand, also, that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of the employer.


8. OOC Personal Information

8.1 Gender:

8.2 What is your in-game level?:

8.3 Age:

8.4 Country and GMT:

8.5 List all previous names (include CK's):

8.6 Do you have any LEO experience?

8.7 SS of /stats:

8.8 Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the English language?:

8.9 Are you able to function efficiently and effectively in a Teamspeak environment?:

8.10 Do you possess a working microphone?:


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