Nura_Rihyon Admin Application

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Nura_Rihyon Admin Application

Post by Nura on Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:49 am

Basic Information Questions:

- In-Game Name(Or Previous Names): Nura_Rihyon
- Your Real Life Age: 20
- Country: Malaysia
- Timezone(GMT):+8.00

Basic Questions:

- Are you active in-game, forums: yes i am
- How long have you been playing on our California Gaming Roleplay: Just 2 days
- What is your daily gaming schedule on (Ex: How many hours do you play,check forums etc): Thats depend but usually around 3 to 4 hours.. maybe more

Basic Background Questions:

- Have you ever been warned in-game(If so, what for?): dm, rude, abuse, server ads and Hacks. (When i 1st joined samp rp server, Now i obey the rules)

- Have you been banned from the server(If so, what for?):Yes, Hacks and rude (When i was new in rp server)
- Have you been an Administrator on another SA-MP Server before(If so, for how long?): yes i do. Depend on the server, if the server closed/shut down... then i'll look for other server.( i've been in admin team for many years, I even host a server for 2 month)
- Have you previously been an Administrator in California Gaming Roleplay? Nope

- Administration Questions:

- Why do you want to become a Administrator: Because i wanted to those who are in need, problems and suffer(might be bugs or player abuse cmd).
And i want to help those who are lack in rp and i can teach them. Its also to attract players to join the server. Now days kids won't join the server without admin aren't they.

- In your own views and words, what do you think a Administrator does, and what his/her duties To help players, newbie and noobs.and also to help their server run well and safe
- What would you bring to the server and team, if chosen as a Administrator: I'll bring honor and trust to the server. I'm a loyal player.
- Why should we select you to be a Administrator, over anyone else: because i have the experience in adminship for many years and i know most of the acmds. And i'm not a cmd abuser which use it to make my self rich for no reason. I love heavy rp
- How would you assist us in fixing and to maintain the Server as an Administrator: By inviting players or making them comfortable to stay in server to make the server alive
- Do you consider yourself a helpful person, and someone who can work under pressure. If so, how? Like said above. I'm well experienced admin/player. I've been in many server for 5 years.

Administration Application Agreement Questions:

[color=ffffff]- Do you understand that giving false information will lead to a straight denial, and if inducted as an Admin, a straight removal: I do
- Do you understand the Administration Team works under a hierarchy, which has higher ranks and split powers of authority: I do
- Do you understand that the Administration Team, is a "Team", and that we work together to fulfill server and Administrative goals:Understood and i do
- Do you understand that, by applying for a Administration position, you are fully aware of our Server Rules and Forum Regulations: I do
- Do you understand that, if you are given a Administration position, you are prohibited to have a position of Staff on another SA-MP Community: i do
- Do you understand that, if successful in becoming a Administrator, you will need to be active and that being inactive will hinder your stay within the team: I do and i'll be very active as much as i could


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Re: Nura_Rihyon Admin Application

Post by Nura on Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:57 am

What's passed it's already passed.... Now a new one. I learn from my past mistake
I'm really experience in making house and gang...

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