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[Admin Application] John Cavallo

Post by John_Cavallo on Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:46 pm

Basic Information Questions:

Account Name:John_Cavallo

Character Names:John_Cavallo

Your Real Life Age:16

Country: United States Of America

Timezone:UTC -6


Basic Compton Gaming Questions

When did you begin or join Compton Gaming Role-play™:
I joined Compton Gaming Role-play around a month ago. Mid way towards February 2016 is the date I joined.

How did you find out about Compton Gaming Role-play™:
How I found out about Compton Gaming Role-play was I like to Role-play a lot it is a passion for me, so what I always do in my free time I like to go visit different Roleplaying servers to see if there's something I would like. So I stumbled across this server in the Internet section on SAMP and I gave this server a chance.

Are you active in-game, forums:
I say im more active than the regular person that gets on to this server because in-game my faction which is the FBI forces me to be more active and do my job so I would say yes that I am very active in-game.I would say that I am not really active on forums unless if I am reading the rules or any ongoing events of some sort because I am so focused on the in-game action I don't get the chance to go on forums but also yes I do check up on the forums and I do understand that if I get accepted to be in the administration team I would have to be more active in the forums than I am now.
How long have you been playing on our Compton Gaming Role-play™ server:
I have played Compton Gaming Role-play for over a month now since I started in the middle of February.

What is your daily gaming schedule on Compton Gaming Role-play™:
I do not have a daily gaming schedule on Compton Gaming Role-play. I get on when I have the time when I can play for a while,I don't just get on for an hour, and leave I usually get on for up to 3-4 hours,and I will do the same for the rest of the other days. I sometimes get up to play more than that,but that's if I have the time.Also I would like to add that I don't get on daily which is impossible but I do mange my free time and get on when I can,so I would say roughly that my gaming schedule would be i play untill i cant no more.
Ex: How many hours do you play,check forums etc
If i had to get a good solid answer on how much I play and check the forums in a day I would say about 3-4 hours in-game and maybe 45 mins a week on checking the forums,and yes I do realize that I will need to be way more active on the forums if I get accepted.


Basic Background Questions:
Have you ever been warned in-game: I have NEVER been warned in-game for any reason.
(If so, what for?)

Have you been banned from the server:I have NEVER been banned from the server for any reason.
(If so, what for?)

- Have you been an Administrator on another Role-play Server before:Yes i have been an administrator on another Role-play Server before and the layout is almost the same as this one.
(If so, for how long?)

For about two weeks

- Have you previously been an Administrator in Compton Gaming Role-play™ server?
No I have not been an Administrator in Compton Gaming Role-play server before, and I hope I could become one.


Compton Gaming Role-play™ Administration Questions]:

Why do you want to become a Compton Gaming Role-play™ Administrator:
The reason why I want to become a Compton Gaming Role play administrator is because I have always liked helping new players,and answering their questions I find it awesome! Also I know the rules of Role play and I think I could enforce players to stop MG, DM, RK etc.  I also know how to spot out a hacker,and I have been too many servers where I have reported players using types of cheats and hacks,and have been rewarded so I think that I would be good to report cheaters, and I know the do's and don't s to a role playing server.I know how you should react in a role playing way,and I also know when to report a person who is non-role playing the correct way like quitting during an arrest or using /do the wrong way and there is many more ways I can spot a player that is not good for the server,and it doesn't only affect the players but it gives the server a bad name and I want to be part of the team that takes these people out and makes the server a better and fun place.

In your own views and words, what do you think a Compton Gaming Role play™ Administrator does, and what his/her duties are:
In my own views and words I think that a good Compton Gaming Role play Administrator does, and what his/her duties are is to warn, ban or fine any player that is breaking the server rules,also to answer the new players questions they may have,and being respectful to your fellow administrator team and the players. A part of a admins job is to help players that are stuck in sticky situations like such as, he/she gets a PM from a Player that is stuck inside of a vehicle it would be the admins job to help the Player get out of the situation.It is also a Admins duty to reward a player that has done something good in a RP way with a cookie.Also a admins duty is to /allowcopfix a member from the FBI or LSPS.A admins duty is to warn players not Role-playing the correct way or being disrespectful by using /slap, an other way to use /slap is to see if a player has any hacks if the health bar doesn't go down then he/she will have hacks.A other duty for an admin is to fix and report glitches around the server.There was this other duty that not a lot of servers do but when I was an admin on this other server i had to refund new players with what the owner told me to give them for example like giving them 200k to get started but that's only if the Owner tells you to.Admins are also responsible to accept reports or dine them.This other admin duty is to help with coming up with ideas for the server to make it better. An other duty they may have is helping in LSPD or FBI raids now as a fellow member of the FBI in-game before we raid a house we need to be followed and spectated by an admin making sure we roleplay raiding the house.The admin we contacted has to make sure we role played the raid,and to give the commander the items we would find in the raid such as,If we raided a drug dealers house it would be the admins job to make sure we roleplay are way in also to unlock the door for we can get in,and the most important thing is to give the commander the items he/she would find in the safe for example,If it's a drug dealers house the safe would be filled with drugs and money,so it would be the admins job to give the commander-in-chief of the LSPD or FBI the items and make sure it was all done in a role playing way.

What would you bring to the server and team, if chosen as a Compton Gaming Role-play™ Administrator:
What i would bring to the server and team if I get chosen as a Compton Gaming Role-play Administrator is a trust worthy loyal active player to the team,and I would make the server and team a better place.I would be happy to help any player that needs it,and report any player breaking the server rules.I also know all the things an Administrator should do and not do.

Why should Compton Gaming Role-play™ select you to be an Administrator, over anyone else:
Why should Compton Gaming Role-play select me over anyone else ? Well first off I have a motivation to help new players than most Admins now this days. I also have experience on the FBI in-game as a director (Not a faction leader anymore) which means I have arrested players in this server so I know the rules inside out.Not only do I know the rules but I have reported many people on this server working in the FBI from quitting during an arrest , avoiding roleplay, using occ the wrong way etc. I also make sure to help new players if I get the chance.Not only do I help the new players but I also report the bad ones. I think with me in the team I could make a change in the server by getting rid of the bad people and helping the goods ones. I also have some ideas for events in mind and will be very active in-game and on the forums and to top it all off i have been an Admin before on an other server so I have experience and know more.

How would you assist us in fixing and to maintain the server as an Administrator:
I would help the team in fixing and to support the sever by like I said many times,I would help report the players that are making the server have problems. I would also like to help in events in-game,and I have so many ideas and new features that we could add to the server which will make it better even though this server is great as it self I have plans on making it a better place for everyone to enjoy.

Do you consider yourself a helpful person, and someone who can work under pressure. If so, how?
I 100% consider myself to be a helpful person when it comes to helping people and gathering up ideas to find a solution to a problem,and it is something I enjoy very much and yes even if it puts me under pressure it makes me want to work harder and see results more quicker, and I like working in a team to figure something out very much.


Compton Gaming Roleplay™ Administration Application Terms & Agreement

Please be sure to check each box with a "X" before continuing your application process. This notes that you agree to the terms and agreements created by Compton Gaming Roleplay™. If you do not check the box, your application will be auto-denied and you'll be forced to re-apply.

[X] Do you understand that giving false information will lead to a straight denial, and if inducted as an Admin, a straight removal
[X] Do you understand the Administration Team works under a hierarchy, which has higher ranks and split powers of authority
[X] Do you understand that the Administration Team, is a "Team", and that we work together to fulfill server and Administrative goals
[X] Do you understand that, by applying for a  Administration position, you are fully aware of our Server Rules and Forum Regulations
[X] Do you understand that, if you are given a Administration position, you are prohibited to have a position of Staff on another Community
[X]Do you understand that, if successful in becoming a Administrator, you will need to be active and that being inactive will hinder your stay within the team


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