Family Rules

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Family Rules

Post by Benny on Sun Feb 21, 2016 5:32 pm

California Gaming Role Play
Family Rules

General Rules:

  • Try to RP mostly within the details of your family application. Your family was accepted to vary the RP, not for another 10 people to run around doing w.e. If you are a drug family, stick to drugs, and buy guns from other families instead, to make alliances.

  • Stick to the weapons listed in your family application. (Max 4) Any melee weapon can be used.

  • Only /makefamilycar cars that are listed in your application (Max 6)

  • All of your family members should stick to the skins listed in your application. (Max 6) Use accessories to make them more unique.

  • You may only rob people that are inside your turf. Already IC conflicts are not limited to turfs.

  • Never MG over /f - use /wt instead.

  • Never "Rambo".

  • Only lead admin + can authorize HQ raids. If LSPD raid, the safe may be emptied - this requires valid reason for raid, and authorization from the Government faction. So families, don't give LSPD a reason to raid your HQ. (LSPD will require a lot of evidence and planning for the raid to be accepted. More info will come)

Turf/point Rules:

  • They are IC. RP everything.

  • Rambo is¬†not¬†allowed.

  • No RK'ing - you may not return after death.

  • One family may not own more than 5 turfs.

  • No roofs allowed, unless there are stairs leading up to it.


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