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Forum Rules

Post by CronoS on Sun Feb 21, 2016 4:56 pm

Forum Rules

The forum rules are a general guide about what we do and what we do not expect from members. It's not an exhaustive list, so moderators will sometimes make decisions independent of the rules.

No spamming/advertising

No NSFW/pornographic material

No rude/insulting behavior
Writing hostile or insulting messages will not be tolerated.

English only

Do not post in reports/ban appeals unless you have something meaningful to add

No metagaming
Metagaming is the act of mixing OOC and IC information.

No double posting (exceptions can be made)
Double posting is posting two posts in a row. If you want to add something edit your previous post.

Post in relevant sections
Threads posted in the wrong section will be moved to the correct section by moderators.

Remain on-topic
Threads should remain on the topic they were made to discuss. A new thread should be made for a new discussion.

Do not post illegal advertisements in the 'Advertisement Agency' subforum
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the forum rules feel free to PM CaBlaze or Any Administrator Or Moderator

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